Village of Ansonia

 Board of Cemetery Trustees

Drew Meadows, Clerk/Superintendent


The Board of Cemetery Trustees is responsible for the operation and maintenance of the Ansonia Cemetery, which is located about one-half mile east of the Village on State Route 47.  The Board establishes rules and regulations for the operation of the cemetery, sells cemetery lots and sets prices for the sale of lots subject to the approval of the Village Council.

For matters related to the Ansonia Cemetery such as the purchase of cemetery lots or arranging for a burial, please contact superintendent Drew Meadows at the telephone number above.

The Board of Cemetery Trustees consists of Four members appointed by the Mayor for a six year term. The members are: Linda Wood, Chairman, Larry Peters, Paul McCleskey and Cody Brown.

The Board meets when ever there is business to conduct, usually at the call of the Chairman.  All meetings are open to the public.