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Council Members

The Council of the Village of Ansonia meets on the first and third Tuesday of each month at 7:00 pm in the Council Chambers, 100 West Canal Street. All council meetings are open to the public.

The Council is composed of six non-partisan members, elected at-large for a four year term.

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Seated (L to R)  Christa Everman, Mayor Ted Adkins, John Middleton

Seconded Row (L to R) Mike Hackler, Steve Hilderbrand, Jeff Gariety, Dan Brown


Council MembersTerm ExpiresCommittee Assignment
Steve Hilderbrand12/31/2025Utilities & Buildings, Finance & Personnel
Dan Brown12/31/2023Utilities & Buildings**, Law & Safety
Jeff Gariety12/31/2023Commerce & Village Improvements **, Utilities & Buildings
Mike Hackler – Council Pro Temp12/31/2025Law & Safety**, Commerce & Village Improvements
Christa Everman12/31/2025Finance & Personnel**, Commerce & Village Improvements
John Middleton12/31/2025Finance & Personnel, Law & Safety
Ted Adkins – Mayor12/31/2023
Julie Kimmel – Clerk of CouncilN/A